Naxos (8.554332)

Frederic MOMPOU
Piano Music Volume 1

"This delectable disc is simply not to be missed. (...) Jordi Masó shapes phrases lovingly, with just the right amount of flexibility and shows great sensitivity in dynamics and tonal coloration".
Lionel Salter. Gramophone, March 1999

"An enormous surprise: from the beginning of the Cançons i danses Jordi Masó shows a perfect understanding of the Mompou´s universe" (CHOC)
Pablo Galonce. Le Monde de la Musique, December 1998

"Beautiful playing, and finely recorded" (*****)
Michael Oliver. Classic CD, May 1999

"Masó is a superb pianist: honest, expressive and imaginative. He combines a transparent sound with a natural, unforced feel for the subtle rhythms"
John Bell Young. American Record Guide, 1.3.1999

PG *** Penguin Guide




Naxos (8.554448)
  Frederic MOMPOU
Piano Music Volume 2

"Once again all is presented with an exemplary, crystalline clarity, and if the manner is unusually robust it is never less than musicianly. (...). Masó´s boldness is potent and arresting in its own distinctive way,(…) his playing is both vital and idiomatic. Volume 3 is eagerly awaited."
Bryce Morrison. Gramophone, March 2000

"These works are elegantly and tastefully performed by Jordi Masó.(...) There is charm, elegance, wit and grace in his playing"
Walden Hughes. American Record Guide, 1.5.2000

"Jordi Masó displays genuine affinity for Mompou´s gentle idiom".
Jed Distler. Classics Today, 1999




Naxos (8.554570)
  Frederic MOMPOU
Piano Music Volume 3

"Masó, a skillful Spaniard (...) is a strong pianist, completely at home in this idiom. A survey of Spanish piano music from him would be a most worthy challenge. Here´s hoping".
Harold C. Schomberg. American Record Guide, January/February 2001

"The performance of Mompou´s Variations on a theme by Chopin are most impressive. (…) Jordi Masó´s sympathy for this music is never in doubt and all three discs are recommended to enterprising collectors".
Jeremy Nicholas. International Piano Quarterly. Spring 2001

"The young Spanish pianist Jordi Masó certainly seems to have captures Mompou´s very special poetry.(...)Impressions íntimes is a set of skillfully calibrated moods which Masó projects superbly. His range of touch and tone here and throughout makes Mompou´s music sound as rounded as a landscape, with foreground, background and above all depth".
Michael McDonagh. Clasical Music Review, 2000




Naxos (8.554727)
  Frederic MOMPOU
Piano Music Volume 4

"A valuable, thought-provoking addition to Masó´s intelligent, well-played cycle.(…) All for books of Música Callada are played by Jordi Masó with an admirable delicacy and commitment."
Bryce Morrison, Gramophone, December 2002

"Masó is a sensitive pianist, with an admirable musicality. A beautiful integrale".(*****)
Frédéric Cardin, La Scena Musicale, Vol.8 No.2

"Música Callada is Mompou´s most admired cycle of pieces. They´re mostly quiet, almost static, rhythmically simple though harmonically subtle. They are beautifuly played here and sympathetically recorded".(*****)
Adrian Jack, BBC Music Magazine, 2002

"Jordi Masó, who finishes with this important work his recording of Mompou´s complete piano music, expresses the magic of Mompou with warm and sweet sonorities, with delicate shades and remarkable inward brightness". (5 Diapasons)
Jerome Bastianelli, Diapason, September 2002



Naxos (8.570956)

Frederic MOMPOU
Piano Music Volume 5

“This is more than a mere appendix to Masó’s excellent solo series. Don Perlimplín is a moving theatre work of gorgeous quality, and ensures that this Naxos CD is one to which I’ll be returning very often”.
Christopher Webber, April 2010





Naxos (8.572142)

Frederic MOMPOU
Piano Music Volume 6

“All this music is finely recorded and played with special devotion by Jordi Masó, who also provides a superbly informed essay”.
Bryce Morrison, Gramophone, October 2011

“One of the many pleasures of this disc is hearing how beautifully Masó integrates left and right hand…a most attractive issue. Masó’s playing here is both distinguished and delightful”.
Dan Morgan, MusicWeb International, October 2011



Anacrusi (AC028)
  "Homenatges a Mompou"

"Jordi Masó, deus ex macchina of this CD, confirms once again his two main virtues.: his great devotion for Catalan music (...) and his deep knowledge of this repertoire. His versions are masterly".
J.C.C., Revista Musical catalana

"In a programme with such a variety of styles, you can only admire pianist Jordi Masó for his extraordinary versatility. An impressive issue".
J.P.. Scherzo, January 2004



Naxos (8.570457)

Catalan Piano Album

"Particularly appealing are the three miniatures by Nin-Culmell. Mompou's Canço i Dansa No. 13, origially for guitar, has been faithfully transcribed for piano by Masó. Viñes´ two pieces included here are little gems. Zamacóis's 'Sardana', which is virtuosic and overflowing with high spirits, is a real tour-de-force played brilliantly by Masó. This is a well-recorded, well-played CD filled to the brim with wonderful music. It is hard to imagine anyone disliking it."
Scott Morrison

“This is a great CD! Jordi Masó sounds relaxed and plays with a light touch, but he also has the range of depth to express drama and emotion”
Miguel Muelle. MusicWeb International




Naxos (8.557150)
  Joaquín TURINA
Piano Music (Volume 1)

"This disc is charming and entertaining, especially when played with the sympathy and sensitivity that the always dependable Jordi Masó brings to it. His range of touch and ability to bring out the almost orchestral colouring of Turina´s piano writing are most impressive, and he infuses a supple liveliness into the underlying dance rhythms that this music always requires. A promising start to what is likely to be an interesting series".
BBC Music Magazine, February 2005

"Jordi Masó is one of Spain´s leaging pianists. His playing is controlled and idiomatic."
Patrick C. Waller, MusicWeb

"I´ve reviewed a disc by Masó before and I remain impressed by the Barcelona-born musician. He has a good, crisp touch and an active command of the idiom."
Jonathan Woolf, MusicWeb

"Masó handles Turina´s not inconsiderable technical demands with easy, and modulates his attractive sonotity to emphasize the composer´s entrancing harmonic ingenuity. The playing also boasts attractive rhythmic character.(…) There´s much to be said for Masó´s always thoughtful mastery. A release that indicates the beginning of a satisfying cycle".
Jed Distler, Classics Today





Naxos (8.557438)

Joaquín TURINA  
Piano Music (Volume 2)

"I was impressed by Jordi Masó´s playing.(…)This should not be missed"
Patrick Waller. MusicWeb International.

"The Sonata Fantasia is well truly on my list of "Desert Island Discs". It is a beautiful and gorgeous work of art.(…).Jordi Masó has a clear empathy with Turina´s music and never allows the dichotomy between the Spanish influence and the suavity of French Impressionism to become confused(…). There is no dubt that this music is highly virtuosic, yet Masó never plays to the gallery. I await the remaining recordings with bated breath!"
John France. MusicWeb International.

Jordi Masó has the technique to do justice and is at all times accurate. Recommended"
Phillip Scott. Fanfare (March/April 2006)

"Jordi Masó has ample technique and a fine sense of taste. He uses an enormous palette of colors in his performances, and always maintain an underlaying carpet of good taste and finesse"
Kevin Sutton. MusicWeb International

"The CD shows the excellent pianistic qualities of Jordi Masó: neat sound, clarity, and exquisite sensitivity (…). A suitable performer for the refined world of beautiful and evocative atmospheres of Turina´s music".
J.C.G. Ritmo (Diciembre 2005)




Naxos (8.557684)

Joaquín TURINA  
Mujeres de Sevilla · Mujeres Españolas I i II · Sevilla

“I don´t suppose these performances from Jordi Masó will ever be surpassed, his instinctive feel for the idiom, with every phrase lovingly shaped, is a pure joy from beginning to end (…) This is the most pleasurable piano disc I have heard this year by a large margin”
David Denton. “David´s Review Corner”, October 2006




Naxos (8.570026)

Joaquín TURINA
Piano Music (Volum 4)

“Jordi Masó plays Turina magnificently, with power and expression from beginning to end”
J.C.G. “Ritmo” October 2007

"With Masó, I only wish that every child (including myself a few years back) had teachers who could instruct them in the art of how to achieve insight with such tecnically accessible material. Masó has made me fall in love with music that I had dismissed just months ago."
French. American Record Guide


Naxos (8.570370)
  Joaquín TURINA
Piano Music (Volum 5)

“Turina was a fine pianist and his piano music is sufficiently challenging to make it fun to play and rewarding to hear (…) Jordi Masó is a fine, sensitive, technically secure pianist.”
Scott Morrison




Naxos (8.572455)

Joaquín TURINA
Piano Music 7

“This CD is a graceful and romantic delight from beginning to end… I cannot imagine better more idiomatic performances than these utterly gentle and effortless ones by Jordi Masó. Beautiful piano sound, also”.
Steven Kruger, Fanfare, March 2012




Naxos (8.572141)

Joaquín TURINA
Piano Music (Volum 6)

“Jordi Masó has done excellent work in this ongoing series, and he’s in excellent form here. He makes everything sound natural, rhythmically pointed, and builds the climaxes without banging. Turina was, notoriously, a gentle soul who liked his music played with elegance, and Masó does just that”.
David Hurwitz, April 2011




Naxos 8.570402
  Joaquín TURINA
Música para violín y piano
(with Eva León, violin)

“Eva León and pianist Jordi Masó give performances that are both accurate and charismatic”.
James Manheim, All Music Guide

Marco Polo
  Robert GERHARD
Piano Music (Complete)

Joaquim HOMS
Sonata n.2

"Jordi Masó plays with subtlety and delicacy and a gorgeous tone. (...). This release is essential.(...) In every way, this is a first-class release"
Jack Sullivan, American Record Guide, November/December 1996

"Jordi Masó´s playing is nimble, beautifully lucid and sensitively nuanced (…). He also achieves a considerable range of colour"
Lionel Salter. Gramophone, September 1996

"Masó´s interpretations are masterly. His fingerwork is neat, his dynamic control impeccable"
Wadham Sutton. BBC Music Magazine, November 1996




Marco Polo
  Joaquim HOMS
Piano Music (Volume 1)

"Joaquim Homs is fortunate to have in Mr. Masó such a sympathetic interpreter and first class pianist".
John Bell Young, American Record Guide, 1.9.1999

"Masó plays these pieces with care and sensitivity. Pianist and music lovers alike searching for unhackneyed, moderately demanding repertoire will want to investigate this disc"
Jed Distler. Clasics Today 1999

"The greatest piano music of the Twentieth Century in Spain"
Pedro González Mira, Ritmo September 1999

"I can only hope that Joaquim Homs (...) finds a more attentive and enduring audience, because his music is substantive and very worthwhile(...). Pianist Jordi Masó sounds like a convincing interpreter here, catching the subtleties and mostly dark colours with deft skill"
Robert Cummings, Classic@Cosmik 1999




Marco Polo
  Joaquim HOMS
Piano Music (Volume 2)

"Jordi Masó (...) obviously has a deep understanding of and a real sympathy for Homs´music which he plays with assurance and conviction"
Hubert Culot, Music on the Web June 2002

"The excellent Jordi Masó(...), crisp and decisive when needed, seems an ideal interpreter, and the recording is excellent".
Calum MacDonald, International Piano, September/October 2002

"Masó confirms once again that he is not only an excellent pianist, but also a great expert in modern music, which he plays with absolute command".
Josep Pasqual, CD Compact, February 2003




Marco Polo

Joaquim HOMS
Piano Music (Volume 3)

"Homs was an important composer whose achievement was long overlooked. Jordi Masó plays beautifully as ever; and his dedicated advocacy and impeccable technique pay high dividends. These three volumes of Homs´piano music are a brave venture, and a heart-felt tribute to a most distinguished composer whose beautiffully crafted and sincerely expressive music can no longer be ignored. Strongly recommended".
Hubert Culot, MusicWeb, February 2005

"In truth I admire Homs, a composer who has found in Jordi Masó a superb champion with a technique that would meet any challenge"
David Drew, David´s Review Corner, November 2004




Columna Música
  Joaquim HOMS

Elena Gragera, mezzosoprano

"The songs are delightfully performed by the mezosoprano Elena Grajera and the pianist Jordi Masó".
Javier Pérez Senz, El País, 8-3-2003

"A sincere and magnificent CD, with the expert Jordi Masó at the piano and Elena Grajera singing. They are the best possible performers of these very short poems, musically expressed by Homs in an intelligent and concise way".
Josep Pascual, CD Compact




Anacrusi (AC060)

In memoriam Joaquim Homs

“A suggestive and stimulating anthology. Jordi Masó commissioned the works, played them and even signed one piece as a composer”
Luis Polanco, “El Periódico” 24th March 2006




Naxos (8.570306)

Joaquim Homs: Music for chamber orchestra
(Orquestra de Cambra de Granollers)    

“Thanks to Jordi Masó´s untiring championing, Homs´ music may now be appreciated for all its worth. I have no doubt about it: Homs was an important composer, and this release offers the best introduction possible to his personal, endearing sound world”.
Hubert Culot, “MusicWeb”.




Naxos (8.570744)

Piano Music 1

“Fascinating repertoire. Do explore!”
Colin Clarke, Fanfare, Novembre 2010

“I can confidently recommend Jordi Maso on the release under review. He perfectly understands Montsalvatge’s temperament and idiom, plays this music very nicely, and is captured in natural, pleasing sound.
Mark L Lehman, American Record Guide, September 2010




Naxos (8.570756)

Piano Music 2

“The Concierto de Albayzín is a substantial piece and a delightful discovery (...) This disc, like Volume 1, receives an enthusiastic recommendation”.
Phillip Scott, Fanfare, January 2011






Marco Polo
  Josep SOLER
Piano Music

"Masó´s pianism exceeds the music´s technical and intellectual challenges" Raymond Tuttle. Fanfare, September/October 1999

"Jordi Masó´s convincing, clear performances make the best possible case for this interesting body of work"
Jed Distler. Classics Today 1999




Marco Polo
  Josep SOLER

"Soler is probably one of the most important -and certainly one of the most influential- Catalan composers of the last fifty or more years.(…) The performances are excellent, the sound quality unsurpassed and the liner notes comprehensive and informative." Tim Mahon. Music Web, April 2003




Columna Música
  Josep Ma. RUERA
Sardanes per a Piano

"Played at the piano, these "sardanas" show their very essence.(…) The performances by the pianist Jordi Masó are remarkable, and the CD is highly interesting".
Jaume Comellas. Revista Musical Catalana




Anacrusi (AC 009)
Sonata Do m (1923)

"Two works played with Jordi Masó´s usual reliability and musicality".
Josep Pasqual. Scherzo




Anacrusi (AC017)
  R. Lamote de Grignon/J. Zamacóis/J. Serra
Música de la 2ª República

"Jordi Masó is probably the best pianist playing Catalan music today. (...) The pianist from Granollers shows a great understanding of these exciting works".
J.C.C. Revista Musical Catalana, January 2001

"A highly recommended CD. Jordi Masó is the ideal pianist for these works. An acknowledged speciallist in Mompou, his performances are delightful, and his technique is really strong".
Josep Pasqual. CD Compact, June 2001




Anacrusi (AC046)
  Ricard Lamote de Grignon
L´obra per a piano (Volum 1)

"An attractive body of work by a composer of remarkable craftsmanship. Jordi Masó, the young pianist from Granollers, shows sensitivity, skill, rigour, research and reliability. He is a pianist whose career is growing- definitely a pianist to watch".
J.G.M., Scherzo, May 2005




Anacrusi (AC058)

Ricard Lamote de Grignon
L´obra per a piano (Volum 2)

“Jordi Masó delivers the music with enthusiasm and with technical perfection”
J.M. “Ritmo”  June 2007




Naxos (8.555856)
Piano Music

"Much of this music is very interesting, intriguing. Jordi masó is a superb pianist and I look forward to hearing him play Liszt."
Paul Shoemaker. Music Web, January 2004

"Jordi Masó is a dependable guide through Castelnuovo-Tedesco´s unfailingly pleasant invention -clean playing and clean recording, the rhythms always beautifully pointed, the phrasing and pedalling suave and assured"
Calum MacDonald. International Piano May/June 2004

"An excellent disc".
P.G.M. Rirmo, June 2004




Naxos (8.555855)
  Déodat de SÉVERAC
Piano Music

"Spanish pianist Jordi Masó limns these musical oils and aquarelles with grace and sensitivity. The 2001 recordins is studio perfect. Highly recommended"
Philip Anson, La Scena Musicale, March 2004

"This CD is simply too good to be ignored. Jordi Masó plays beautifully throughout, withmuch subtlety and tonal variety, and is superbly recorded. I hope that this is a first volume of a recording of de Séverac´s complete piano output. If so, the present release augurs well indeed, and is warmy recommended"
Hubert Culot. Music Web, March 2004




Naxos (8.557228)
  P. José Antonio DONOSTIA
Piano Music

"Masterful and fluid performances by Jordi Masó. His melodic shaping and rhythmic fluency over the course of the 21 Preludes, for example, easily surpasses Ricardo Requejo´s slower and choppier readings on Claves"
Jed Distler, Classicstoday, December 2004

"The recording is excellent and conveys the warmth of the music. The performances by Jordi Masó, a Catalan musician with an eclectic discography already to his name, seems to have a clear understanding of its aims and is totally in character. This is atractive if undemanding music here given every chance to shine"
Gary Higginson, Musicweb, October 2004

"Jordi Masó is a pianist of charm and fire, and brings this tasty music to life with splendid panache. Bravo, Naxos, once again!".
Peter Burwasser, Fanfare




Columna Música
  Joaquim SERRA
Trio & Cançons

"Ideal peformances. (...) Pianist Jordi Masó plays this charming compositions with conviction and with his usual skill. (...) Masó has done a terrific job".
Josep Pasqual, Scherzo

"A very interesting disc, magnificently played"
Jaume Comellas, Revista Musical Catalana




Naxos 8.570757
  Benet Casablancas, Piano Music

“Jordi Masó and Miquel Villalba are two exceptional pianists that show depth and contrapunctual clarity”.
Jorge de Persia. “La Vanguardia”

“A pair of pianist is featured, and that works nicely; each tends to highlight different aspects of Casablancas’ music. Worth the time and money”.
James Manheim. “All music Guide”.




(CD 90 0064-3)
  Salvador BROTONS
Música de Cambra

Leopold String Trio

"Magnificent performances. (...). In the Trío we can enjoy Masó´s virtuosity in the slow moments as well as in the impressive finale".
Lluís Trullén. CD Compact, February 1995

"Excellent performers (...). The pianist from Granollers Jordi Masó leads the ensemble very successfully".
Xavier Casanoves-Danés. Revista Musical Catalana, September 1995

"These performances are full of life, clear and well worked".
Leopoldo Hontañón. Scherzo, July/August 1995





(CD 90 0078-03)

per a Flauta i Piano Xavier Relats, flauta

"Performances of charming brightness (...). Two very talented young Catalan artists" .
Lluís Trullén. Revista Musical Catalana, December 1995

"Two very promising peformers indeed!"
Pedro Luna. CD Compact, May 1996

"Serious and convincing versions"
Carlos Vílchez. Ritmo




ASV (DCA 1121)
Música per flauta i piano

Xavier Relats, flauta

"All these moods are expertly picked by Rerlats and Masó. (...). They play this music with enjoyment as well as skill. Relats has an attractive, pastel tone, Masó is a very musical, positive partner and, not only in the solo Sonatina, plays with great perceptiveness.(…) I would be glad to hear more of them".
Michael Oliver, Gramophone, March 2001

"Their approach is as crafty and meticulous as the music. Masó achieves a perfect balance between technical counterpoint and shaped phrases. Relats´ intelligent and sparse use of vibrato defines a gracious line between structure and emotion, especially in the second movement of Hindemith sonata. If you like Hindemith, you will enjoy this recital- the players and composers are a perfect match for each other".
Jessica Johnson, American Record Guide, 5-1-2002

"An excellent recording: these gentlemen from Barcelona are alert, witty and charming".
James H. North, Fanfare May/June 2002